As3 physics demo

Context: Personal work Type: Demo


I made this demo to test APE physics engine capabilities. This demo allow you to place rounds, squares and wheels and link them together to make objects like cars or pendulum. Thoses elements are them moved by the physics and you can interact with them using mouse or keyboard for wheels.


  • Click on the green button to start the engine/red to turn off.
  • Drag and drop elements from the left menu to place them on the playground.
  • Click on an element to select it. Change properties to modify the object (click out to validate input).
  • Drag and drop an element to move (or throw) it.
  • Click on the "link" button (double arrow), then on element one then two, to link 2 elements. Links can be selected like elements.
  • Use keyboard "suppr." button to delete an element.
  • Change "controlled" property of a wheel to "true" to move it using keyboard arrows.
  • Click on the numbers on the top left corner to select a layer you want to work on (forward(1), middle(2), backward(3)). Elements on different layers can still be linked but won't collide.



  • Actionscript 3
  • APE engine : (unmaintened by author)
  • FlashDevelop
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