Context: 48h Game Jam Type: Video Game
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Pastwatch is a crossover between Civilization and Guitare Hero. As Pastwatch, an international institute from the future, you have the power to prevent events from the past. After you prevented Cristoforo Colombo from discovering america, you now work to maintain international equilibrium between civilizations from 15th to 22th century.

This project was made for the Utopiales Game Jam (fr) event during Les Utopiales (fr) 2011. Les Utopiales is an annual science-fiction festival in Nantes. Since 2011, a game jam is organized and participants have to create in 48h games around the main theme of the year.

In 2011, the theme was "Uchronia". I teamed up with 2 persons (an illustrator and a graphist+designer+coder=game industry veteran) to develop PastWatch. Alain Puget did most of the game design, balance, in game UI and sounds. Julien Rollan did the beautifull backgrounds and artworks. I put it all together using flashDevelop and flexSDK to realize the game.


  • ActionScript 3
  • FlexSDK
  • FlashDevelop
  • Adobe Flash
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