Context: 48h Game Jam Type: Video Game
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Symbiose is a turn by turn game where you play a human village fighting against fast expanding vegetation. Discover your tools and play with plant evolution to discover technologies that will allow you to live peacefully with nature.

his project was made for the Utopiales Game Jam (fr) event during Les Utopiales (fr) 2011. Les Utopiales is an annual science-fiction festival in Nantes. Since 2011, a game jam is organized and participants have to create in 48h games around the main theme of the year and a sub-theme. The theme was "Origins" and the sub-theme "Hyper-nature".

The project was made by a team of 4 persons : Marie Garel and Lizandro Becerra (Game Design), Julien Rollan (Graphics) and I (Dev).


  • Haxe nme
  • HaxePunk
  • FlashDevelop
  • Pyxel Edit
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